man on the phone after an accident

Car accidents can take you by complete surprise. While you never plan to get in an auto crash, having a plan for what to do after one happens can be important to protecting yourself – and your options for financial recovery.

So, if you are ever involved in a car wreck, here are the essential things to do (as long as you are not too badly injured):

  1. Get out of harm’s way and evaluate the injuries – If the crash occurred in the middle of traffic, make your way to the shoulder or sidewalk. Then, check out the injuries and see if anyone has suffered severe or possibly life-threatening injuries.
  2. Call police and remain at the scene – If severe injuries have been sustained by anyone, call 911 ASAP. Call a non-emergency police number if the crash is minor. After you call police, wait at the scene and complete the next steps…
  3. Take pictures and share information with the other driver(s) – Photograph the damage to your vehicle, other involved vehicles and surrounding road features (like guardrails, traffic signs, etc.). Also, snap pictures of the greater accident scene. Before or after you take these pictures, make sure you also exchange the necessary contact, driver and insurance information with the other parties involved in the crash. If there were any passengers or witnesses to the crash, get their names, contact information and brief account of the crash as well.
  4. Share the facts you know – Whether you are talking to police or others involved in the wreck, stick to the facts you are sure of as you explain what you experienced before and during the crash.
  5. Don’t speculate or apologize – Guessing at the facts can create problems for your credibility in the future. So don’t guess or speculate. You don’t have to discuss details you are unclear about. Also, don’t apologize for the crash. Though you may want to be sympathetic, apologizing can be interpreted as an admission of fault.
  6. Get medical treatment – A doctor can diagnose and treat your crash injuries. Part of this process will also involve documenting the scope and severity of your injuries caused by the auto wreck, and that will be crucial to a future claim for financial recovery.
  7. Report the crash to your insurer – As you make this report, again, only stick to the facts, do not speculate about anything you are not sure of, and do not admit fault at any point.
  8. Contact an attorney – A lawyer can analyze the facts of the crash and highlight your options for financial recovery. An attorney can also get your claim started and help you fight for the compensation you may be entitled to.

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