Road Burn and Road Rash

motorcycle-accidentRoad burn, also known as road rash, is the painful scrapes and bruises that occur when a biker is thrown from or dragged by a motorcycle. The road rash that results from skin coming into contact with pavement or gravel often requires emergency medical treatment and hospitalization.

If you have suffered from road burns, you know that they are serious skin injuries that can lead to permanent scarring and infections

What Are Some Types of Injuries Caused By Road Burn?

  • Avulsion Injuries
    Avulsions are scrapes that strip away all layers of your skin. Full-thickness wounds are extreme avulsion injuries that allow muscle and fat to be seen.
  • Compression Injuries
    These injuries occur when a limb in caught between two objects, such as the bike and the road causing bruising or crushing injuries.
  • Scrapes Requiring Stitches
    These injuries are cuts caused by scraping against surfaces at high speeds. Sometimes stitches are required to close open wounds and initiate healing. These injuries carry a great risk of infection.

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