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Negligence causes accidents and injuries all too often, commonly leaving victims and families with lasting physical, financial and emotional impacts. While it can be difficult to overcome these impacts and start picking up the pieces, the victims of negligence should be aware that they DO have rights – and that they can turn to the experienced personal injury attorneys at Mayo Law for:

  • Clear answers about liability and the available legal remedies
  • The highest quality representation and advocacy.

At Mayo Law, our East Brunswick lawyers fight aggressively and relentlessly to ensure that our clients have the strongest possible cases and that these cases are brought to the best possible resolutions. We know how important the recoveries from these cases can be to rebuilding lives – and we will not back down until our clients obtain the justice and full compensation they are entitled to.

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We urge you to contact us as soon as you need insights regarding a potential claim. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore the following for more details about Mayo Law’s personal injury practice.

Car Accidents

As a leading cause of injury and death in New Jersey, car accidents are frequently the result of preventable negligence. Driver impairment, driver distraction and even faulty vehicle equipment are just some of the preventable factors that commonly play role in causing auto accidents.

Whether you were a driver, passenger or other roadway traveler hurt in a car accident, it’s critical to be aware that:

  • The actions you and do not take in the aftermath of the crash can impact a future claim.
  • More than one party can be liable for the crash.
  • You may be entitled to compensation even if you may have been partly at fault for the crash.
  • The lawyers at Mayo Law are here for you, ready to represent you in any type of car accident case.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are highly susceptible to serious injuries when accidents happen. In fact, even when crashes occur at slower speeds, the outcomes can be devastating for riders who lack the safety protections, like seatbelts and airbags, that are present in other motor vehicles.

Like car crashes, motorcycle wrecks are often the result of preventable negligence. At Mayo Law, our lawyers are skilled at investigating these crashes and:

  • Figuring out the nature of the negligence involved, as well as the liable parties
  • Crafting strong claims and protecting our clients’ rights as claims proceed
  • Guiding injured riders through the recovery process.

Truck Accidents

Commercial truck drivers and trucking companies are required to abide by various state and federal regulations to ensure the safe transport of cargo. These regulations impact everything from driver screening, training and drug testing to cargo securement, truck inspections and maintenance and much more.

Failing to abide by trucking regulations – as well as standard traffic laws – can contribute to truck wrecks. So too can the negligence of others.

The attorneys at Mayo Law are experienced at helping truck accident victims determine which parties are liable for these crashes – and at holding all of these parties accountable so victims can get the compensation they deserve for their injuries, property damage, lost earnings and other losses.

Cruise Ship Accidents

While cruises can be fun and exciting, they may not be as safe as travelers expect. In fact, any number of oversights, like crew errors, a lack of security and failures to properly maintain cruise ships, can cause serious accidents and injuries.

When travelers are hurt aboard cruise ships:

  • There may be specific rules, deadlines or venues that apply to their claims.
  • They can get answers about how to move forward with a claim – and about who’s liable – by contacting Mayo Law for a free case assessment.

Construction Zone Accidents

Construction zones are typically risky places, where heavy industrial equipment is regularly moving around in the course of completing a project. The dangers associated with construction zones can increase when, for instance:

  • Work zones are not properly coned or gated off.
  • Inexperienced, untrained crew members are working at the zone.
  • The proper detour signs and/or nighttime lighting has not been set up.
  • Spills are not contained.

Whenever accidents occur at or around road work zones, the sooner victims contact Mayo Law, the better. These complicated cases can come with short, strict deadlines, and taking quick action to file a claim can be pivotal to protecting your rights to recovery after a highway work zone accident occurs.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and falls can happen nearly anywhere, and they can be caused by any number of factors. In many cases, however, the negligent actions of some party, like the person who owns, operates or manages a property, can be to blame. Such negligence can include:

  • Failing to clean up spilled liquids, ice or snow from floors
  • Failing to warn visitors about slippery floors
  • Failing to install or maintain stair railings.

When you need help determining who may be liable for your slip and fall, you can count on Mayo Law for the answers, guidance and advocacy necessary to help you recover.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Commonly the sites of slip and falls, swimming pools can also be the scenes of various other accidents, like (but not limited to):

  • Circulation entrapments, which involves hair and/or body parts becoming entangled in pool components (like drains and pumps)
  • Drownings, which may be caused by a lack of lifeguard supervision, a lack of covering for the pool and/or the absence of a gate surrounding the pool.

Determining the parties who are liable for swimming pool accidents can require thorough investigations of pool maintenance records, on-site policies and eye witnesses. It can also require the representation of a lawyer at Mayo Law.

Dog Bites & Attacks

Dog owners are legally required to keep their dogs properly contained in order to prevent their dogs from biting or attacking others. Despite this, however, some owners may be careless, failing to:

  • Leash or muzzle their dogs
  • Watch their dogs in public
  • Keep their dogs properly contained in crates, fenced yards, etc.

When people fail to live up to their legal responsibilities as dog owners – and when these failures lead to dog bites and attacks, Mayo Law will be ready to step up on behalf of victims, helping them hold negligent owners liable for the harm their dogs have caused.

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