We like to hear wisdom from experts – don’t you? That is why this blog is dedicated to New Jersey’s finest road warriors, who are schooled in the art of dodging parked cars that seemingly tear out of their parking spaces with no real warning, and other lifesaving and car-collision avoidance tips.

Here’s Some Real-Life Safety Tips From Several New Jersey Drivers

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    Before pulling out of a parking space one New Jerseyite claims she always puts her emergency blinkers on first. It alerts both walkers and drivers who may be coming along behind her.

  • Another woman says she would encourage city governments and shopping centers to paint directional arrows with reflective paint during the holidays and on busy shopping weekends to discourage drivers from driving the wrong way. Drivers will do whatever they can to get a close-in parking space, she said.
  • Of course, there’s simple reminders for safety, such as buckling up, ensuring car batteries are charged up in cold weather, walk towards on-coming traffic, and avoid Motor Vehicle Commission lines (like Lodi), especially on Saturdays.
  • In 2016, there were approximately 39 children fatalities from being closed in hot cars nationwide. That’s 14 more than reported for all of 2015. Some people have gone as far as taking off their shoe and placing it next to a baby in a carrier seat to remind them that a little one is onboard.
  • Key fobs now control most late-model cars and make it very easy for someone to steal our cars, if we don’t hit a button. Likewise, it can bedeadly if the car is turned on in a closed garage. One way to remind forgetful drivers to turn their cars off is to always leave the radio playing. So, to kill the radio you’d theoretically have to hit the ignition (turn off button).
  • The owner of a small trucking firm had this recommendation for combatting blind spots, especially with regard to driving around tractor trailers. Look in the rearview mirror when you pass, if you can’t see their face then assume they can’t see yours either.
  • Forget where you are? Seriously! If you get lost, the GPS on your cell phone will tell you your street location, but won’t offer up a city, usually. Try looking at a manhole cover. They usually include the names of the host city. Likewise, utility poles offer up the same information, but sometimes in abbreviated form.
  • Remove unwanted points by taking a defensive driving course. Several motor groups offer them at an affordable price. Plus, you’ll learn all kinds of great defensive driving tricks and tips. The best time to partake in a defensive driving class is right after getting a traffic ticket, because point reductions aren’t retroactive.

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