Adverse Affects from LASIK Eye Surgery
general-eye-doctor The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began reevaluating its warnings about LASIK surgery in Spring 2008. The FDA received reports of adverse side effects associated with the procedure, such as severe eye pain, fuzzy vision, and dry eyes. Due to these complaints, FDA advisors concluded the agency needed to issue more comprehensive warnings about LASIK surgery,

What is LASIK eye surgery?

Ophthalmologists use LASIK surgery to treat myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. During the procedure, the surgeon cuts a flap into the cornea (the clear covering of the eye) and reshapes it to improve vision. About 700,000 people have LASIK surgery annually as an alternative to wearing glasses or contacts.

Colombian ophthalmologist Jose Barraquer developed the principle of the LASIK technique in the early 1950s. The surgery gained popularity in the 1990s because of its improved methods and precision.

The rate of complications from LASIK surgery is estimated to be three to six percent. Some of these patients experience life-altering side effects. Patients who suffered from severe side effects associated with LASIK testified before the FDA advisors during their review in April 2008.

The panel recommended the FDA add strong warning on brochures and modify the following elements of its LASIK surgery website:

  • Clarify how often patients suffer certain side effects.
  • Post photographs showing how certain side effects appear.
  • Clarify the conditions that disqualify certain patients for LASIK surgery.
  • Clearly state that anyone who uses LASIK surgery to correct nearsightedness will definitely need reading glasses in middle age.

Possible Side Effects of LASIK Eye Surgery:

  • Blindness
  • Dry eyes
  • Overcorrection or undercorrection
  • Halos around light sources at night
  • Light sensitivity
  • Ghost images or double vision
  • Wrinkles in the cornea’s flap
  • Debris or growth under the flap
  • Induced astigmatism
  • Decentered ablation
  • Thin or buttonhole flap
  • Corneal Ectasia
  • Floaters
  • Epithelium erosion
  • Posterior vitreous detachment
  • Macular hole

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