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As the dust settles after a car accident, getting medical care for your injuries is the most important thing to do. Once your health is stable, however, the next priority can be to determine who was at fault for causing your wreck. This fault determination will be the key to uncovering your options for financial recovery.

4 Things to Review When Determining Fault for a Car Accident

  1. The police report – If police were called after the wreck and they responded to the scene, there will be a police investigation into the crash and a corresponding report summing up the findings of that investigation. This report  will include a number of details that can be essential to proving fault, such as (but not necessarily limited to):
    • The appearance or statements made by other involved motorists – These details can reveal if or when driver negligence was a factor. For instance, bloodshot eyes, the smell of booze and statements about being at a bar (for instance) can reveal when an involved motorist may have been drunk or impaired.
    • Whether any involved parties were cited for traffic violations – For instance, if one of the drivers is ticketed for speeding or running a red light, that citation will be noted in the police report.

To obtain a copy of a police report for a crash that occurred in New Jersey (on a non-toll road), click here.

  1. The accident scene photos – The pictures you (and other involved parties) take after a crash can reveal important details regarding the point of impact, the exact location of the crash (like if the accident occurred in an intersection or a lane of oncoming traffic), and the road and weather conditions at the time of the wreck. These factors can highlight if one (or more) motorist(s) violated traffic laws, etc. immediately prior to the collision.
  2. Witness statements – What witnesses tell police (or you) after a crash can also be crucial to proving fault for that wreck. These statements can uncover if or when a motorist was seen driving recklessly before a crash, as well as what occurred immediately prior to and during the wreck.
  3. Other records – Depending on the nature and circumstances of a car accident, various other records can be helpful in determining liability. For example, vehicle maintenance records can reveal when equipment failures or malfunctions may have been a factor (in which case an equipment manufacturer may be liable). Similarly, trucking company records can highlight when untrained or reckless truckers may have contributed to a crash.

Of course, there are various other pieces of evidence that can be helpful in proving liability. The best way to find out how to prove fault for your car wreck is to contact a Middlesex County car accident lawyer at Mayo Law, P.A.

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