Drunk Driving Accidents

You were abiding driving laws when someone not sober hit you. Collisions caused by drunk drivers often cause innocent people to suffer from back, spine, and neck injuries. It doesn’t matter if you were in a car, SUV, truck, motorcycle, or hit as a pedestrian—drunk driving is illegal. Our New Jersey attorneys understand the emotional damage and physical harm caused by those who drink and drive.You need Mayo Law on your side. Mayo Law understand the injuries caused by drunk drivers. We know how insurance companies work. We keep your best interests in mind and use our extensive legal experience to fight for your compensation. When you hire our firm, our entire legal team works for you.

  • Mayo Law attorneys and legal staff will contact the insurance companies and handle your medical expenses.
  • Investigators work in the field taking pictures at the scene of the accident, collecting witness testimonies, and gathering other evidence to help prove your drunk driving case.

Did You Know?New Jersey residents with Limited Tort auto insurance may still be able to get compensation for pain and suffering caused by a drunk driving accident.