Brain Injuries
brain-injury Many kinds of accidents can cause brain injuries, including car accidents, slip and falls, sport-related accidents, on-the-job incidents, and many others. Brain trauma can be associated with head injuries, facial injuries, and neck injuries.

Mayo & Russ know the even a concussion is considered a brain injury, but serious accidents can cause traumatic brain injuries that can cause comas or paralysis.

Traumatic Brain Injury Statistics

  • 1.4 million people sustain traumatic brain injuries in the United States annually.
  • Of those 1.4 million, 50,000 die, 235,000 are hospitalized, and 1.1 million are treated and then released from the emergency room.
  • Among children ages 0 to 14 years, traumatic brain injuries result in 2,685 deaths, 37,000 hospitalizations, and 435,000 emergency room visits every year.
  • The leading causes of traumatic brain injuries are falls (28%), motor vehicle traffic accidents (20%), being struck by or against objects (19%), and assaults (11%).
  • The Centers for Disease Control estimates that at least 5.3 million Americans currently have a need for long-term assistance to perform daily activities as a result of traumatic brain injuries.