Amputation Due to an Accident
If you or someone you care about has undergone an amputation due to an injury from an accident, you understand how drastically amputations can change an individual’s lifestyle. The way you live, work, and provide for yourself and your family can become very difficult.

What are amputations and why do they happen?

Amputations can be either a result of trauma or surgery and involve the full or partial removal of a limb.

  • Traumatic amputations happen when an accident causes the immediate loss of limbs or extremities.
  • Surgical amputations happen when a surgeon decides an injured limb or extremity is hurt beyond the ability to be repaired. In this case, the amputation is the result of injuries caused by an accident.

Accidents Can Cause Different Types of Amputations

  • Amputated Arm
  • Amputated Hand
  • Amputated Finger
  • Amputated Leg
  • Amputated Foot
  • Amputated Toe

Mayo & Russ Represent Individuals Who Have Suffered an Accident Related Amputation

Mayo & Russ understand amputation accidents. Our legal staff knows how insurance companies work, trying to settle cases cheaply and quickly. We will fight for your best interests and rights to fair compensation. Our entire team works to prove your case.

  • Attorneys and legal staff deal with the insurance companies and handle your medical bills so you don’t have to worry.
  • Investigators work in the field, collecting evidence such as pictures of the accident scene or witness testimonies, to help prove your case.

Mayo & Russ have the answers to your questions: