Other Accidents and Injuries
Written by Administrator
Friday, 13 November 2009 17:37
Mayo & Russ represent individuals harmed in all types of accidents. If you are not sure we handle your type of case, check the list below or call us toll-free at 1-866-943-3427 or take advantage of our free online legal evaluation.

Click on your type of accident for more information:

ATV – All-terrain vehicle crashes and injuries caused by defective ATVs

Autos – Cars, trucks and SUV accidents due to driver errors, rollovers, and hazardous driving conditions

Bicycle – Broken bones, head trauma and other serious injuries related to cyclists hit by automobiles

Boating – Injuries caused by careless, inexperienced, or speeding boat operators or defective boats

Cars – Single and multi-vehicle accidents due to driver errors, and hazardous driving conditions

Construction Zones – Road construction zones unclearly marked, confusing road barricades, and failure to direct traffic leading to preventable accidents

Cruise Ships – Slips and falls, fires, food poisoning and illnesses

Dangerous Drugs – Sever or deadly medical reactions including suicide attempts due to recalled drugs or dangerous prescriptions

Defective Products – Strollers, air bags, and defective medical devices such as pacemakers among many other products causing injury or death

Food Poisoning – Such as botulism, E. coli, hepatitis A, and Salmonella resulting in severe illness or death

Dog Attacks – Vicious dog attacks and serious dog bites leading to stitches, broken bones, and scarring, or death

Drunk Driving – Serious injuries and death due to car accidents with drunk drivers

Motorcycles – Injuries caused by defective roads and aggressive auto or truck drivers

Pedestrian – People hit by automobiles and motorcycles when not in a vehicle

Rollovers – Injuries caused when sport utility vehicles (SUVs) tip from improper design

Social Security Disability – Physically and mentally disabled individuals who can no longer work in any capacity and are denied benefits

Slip & Fall – Injuries caused by poorly maintained sidewalks, steps, floors, etc.

Swimming Pools – Diving accidents, water contamination, and drowning due to improper upkeep or supervision

Workers Compensation – Injured New Jersey workers who need help getting, or keeping, their work comp payments as well as those scarred on the job or people interested in settling their claim for a lump sum